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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I definitely don't have a slew of super cute clothes, but I thought it would be fun to do What I Wore Wednesday each week. It kind of makes me try to dress better than I might otherwise because I know my picture will be taken. It is also helping me go through my closet and think of different things to wear that had previously been neglected.

You probably noticed my first What I Wore was the wedding edition. That was pretty fun and I had a ton of self confidence that day! Today is just another casual day at work for me. Yes -- I took my picture in the middle school bathroom. It was the only full size mirror I could find where I could snap a photo. Get used to it because my mirror at home I can't get a full body shot.

Starting at my feet ...

My shoes are Rocketdog. I've had them for a while so I'm not even sure how much they cost or even if they sell them anymore.

My jeans are from DEB in the mall. I was in desperate need of new jeans before I went to Europe last year and these were super cheap. They are comfortable and I love wearing them.

You can't really tell, but I have a black sleeveless shirt on underneath from Old Navy -- it is seriously old -- like from before I had LD. Then I have a black cardigan I bought at the GAP outlet last spring for $12.

The scarf is my favorite part! I paid a few Euros for it in March when I was in Florence. I bought a ton of scarfs and I absolutely adore this one the most!


  1. Thanks Rachel! They were all over to buy in Europe! I absolutely fell in love and probably bought too many -- no, nevermind -- you can never have too many!