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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Run Little Man ... Run!

We signed LD up for football back in September and knew he would love it. He is such a friendly little guy and he enjoys getting out there and playing with other people.

The first practice was last Saturday and he said he had a good time, but his face was so serious. Yesterday he had his second "game." They spent about 30 minutes teaching the kids some skills and doing drills with them. Then for about the last 30 minutes they actually put on the flags. It wasn't an actual game, but they let each kid have turns at the different positions and try to run the ball. 

The time that LD was the quarterback he ran for a bit and then was actually tackled. The first thing DC asked me was if LD cried when he was tackled. Luckily he didn't! He just laughed and then asked the ref to help him get his flags back on.

I'm so glad he is having a good time and is involved in something where we are getting out in the community and meeting new people. 

This video is of LD running during one of the drills. I love how he goes hard at the start and then starts to be silly at the end. That's my boy!

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