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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Senior Moment

Meet Julian Myers.

Photos from ESPN the magazine by Gregg Segal

He is 94 years old and competes in Track and Field events.
Saying that he is absolutely amazing and an inspiration to everyone is an understatement. He is doing things that in my 30s I struggle to do. I think the world of this man and his accomplishments. And the number of medals he has received at the Huntsman Senior Games is incredible -- 46! Yes, I typed that correctly -- he has earned 46 medals and is hoping to add to that total as he competes in 14 events this year at the games. 

Yesterday he attempted the high jump and failed. What 94 year old even attempts the high jump!? He also ran about two miles in two hours. WAY TO GO JULIAN!

According the the blurb in ESPN Magazine Julian stills works as a publicist and he has been running competitively for 85 years. I just hope to leave to be 85! He trains six days a week. I'm speechless.
DC got in contact with Julian a few years ago and it has now been our family tradition to join Julian and his wife, Patsy, for dinner prior to the games. Last year I was unable to go because EM was in the hospital with croup. I didn't want to miss it this year. As per tradition we went to Cracker Barrel and enjoyed a nice dinner.

I'm not sure what LD is doing in this photo, but EM is as happy as a clam.

Julian has invited us to his 100th birthday shindig in LA and you can bet that we will be there. I don't doubt that Julian already has things planned and is gearing up to go many years beyond that.

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