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Saturday, October 20, 2012

What I Wore -- Race Edition

This is me ... post race. I'm feeling great about myself and I love the results I've been seeing on the scale lately. I can't wait until I do my next 5K and then hopefully onto bigger and better things from there!

Starting at my shoes ...
These are some Nike's I've had for a while. They are actually the shoes that are in the mud photo from last weekend. I gave them a good wipe down, threw them in the washer and now they are as good as new! 

Leggings -- these are the cheap ones from Target. I probably paid $8. I like to wear them over my shorts because it gives me a bit more confidence.

Shorts -- I love these! They are bright pink and so much fun. They are also from Target.

Pink lace tank top -- this is from Maurices. I don't usually use it from running, but I wanted to throw in as much pink as possible so it worked for today. 

Black downeast basic tee-- I know you can't see it, but it is there and I love these. Again, I don't normally use these for running, but it was the first shirt I came across last night when I was getting ready that would work.

Pink Jacket -- believe it or not this baby is from K-Mart. Believe me -- I don't normally go searching for clothes at K-Mart. It's not that I have anything against the store, I just don't really love it. I went there at the end of last school year for something and came across this (I have one in blue also). I think they were on clearance for $10 and I fell in love. They are great to run in and there is a pocket up top where I can put my keys, money or anything else small that I have with me. Around the zipper it is also reflective so great for safety!

Breast cancer awareness headbands -- I bought these as the Party City store locally. They are great to just show off a little support and keep my hair back.

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