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Monday, October 8, 2012

A weekend wedding

I can't believe I am about to say this, but my little brother got married over the weekend! OK -- he's not really that little, but I still can't believe I have a sister-in-law now and my own kids were the ring bearer and flower girl at their uncle's wedding. CRAZY!

All in all it was a great ceremony and reception. There was a little stress of chasing my kiddos around the mansion, but luckily they didn't damage anything. And of course LD fell while playing the in grass out from between the ceremony and the reception. As my hubby kept saying -- it wasn't a matter of IF he was going to fall and get grass stains, but a matter of WHEN. EM did a pretty good job at her role of flower girl ... well at least in front of me where she pretty much just dumped her basket and then when to stand with the bridesmaids.

I'm so excited to have a sister-in-law now. She is such a sweet woman and she has really made my brother happy which is one of the most important things in the world to me.

 I absolutely love this photo of some of the most important men in my life! My little bro looks so handsome and I couldn't be prouder of him. LD was a great boy at the ceremony and did wonderful carrying the ring pillow and then, as always, DC is so good looking! He looks just like he did on our wedding day! 

This next photo is my beautiful friend Jaime and I. I am so glad my brother decided to use her as his photographer. She is absolutely amazing and I finally got to spend some time with her! We always talk about getting together but it never seems to pan out. She is so talented and so much fun to be around. I hope she knows that I think the world of her! I can't wait to take some family photos for our Christmas cards.

And last but not least ... seeming EM look like this when we pulled into the driveway at my mom's house doesn't surprise me at all! She didn't nap during the day (or the day before ... or the day before that) and she had been running around like crazy having a blast! She looks absolutely angelic in this picture!

All of these photos were taken on my camera so a few key pictures are missing -- my mom and I, my grandma and I and my dad and I. They were definitely at the wedding and we did get some great photos, I just don't have access to them at the moment. Another person that came that I got some fun photos with was my best friend from grade school -- I'll call her TR. I absolutely adore her and I'm so glad she was able to come with her cute family. We took some fun photo booth pics that I will have to scan in! 

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