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Monday, January 7, 2013

My thoughts on the Biggest Loser -- so far ...

I have to preface this with saying I haven't seen the entire first episode. My plan is very deliberate, though. I can only watch the Biggest Loser if I am doing something active. It seems kind of counter productive to enjoy an episode of the BL while sitting on the couch eating a bowl of cereal.

I have about an hour left in the season premire.

With that being said, I do have some thoughts already.

I guess I'll start with the obvious -- the kids. I think it is great that the show is offering these three kids the chance of a lifetime and letting them learn how to eat healthy and be active. Noah (Bingo) is sure full of personality and I think a lot can be learned from these youngsters. With that being said, I know they are not going to be weighing, but it looks like they will be helping the adults during the challenges and I'm interested to see how their overall experience goes. 

As I watched the introductions of the contestants I think one of the stories that really stuck out to me was that of TC. He felt so guilty for the injuries his son suffered in a car accident because TC's seat came undone and he believed it was due to his weight. It's a heartbreaking story. The one thing that kind of bothered me though was he talked about how many times he tried to get on the show and wasn't selected. The accident was two years ago (I think) and he said he made a promise to his son that he would drop the pounds. Why is he just relying on the show to get him to lose the weight? 

Another contestant that I'm especially interested in is Jackson Carter. He is 21 years old and from Layton, Utah. This is where I grew up so I feel a connection (even though I have never met the young man). His story is about how he came out of the closest when he was 9 (I believe) and then was picked on and started to put on the weight. He seems to have a lot of personality, though, and I can't wait to watch his transformation.

I'm about to the part in the episode where the teams are going to compete in their first challenge.

On a side note -- can I just say that weight is just a number on the scale. I got so annoyed when I saw someone complain on Facebook yesterday about how Jillian Michaels should be yelling at the contestants because she doesn't know what it's like to be obese. She has said before that she was overweight as a teen. I also heard some numbers being thrown around in relations to that that weighing 175 doesn't make you obese.

It's all about your BMI folks. I'll tell you straight up -- my BMI qualifies me as obese. I don't look like the contestants on the show, but medically I have a great deal of weight to shed to get into the healthy range. It's frustrating when someone hears how much you weight and think that's what it's all about.

OK -- rant over now. I'm hoping to finish the premier of the Biggest Loser tonight and then onto the second episode tomorrow morning!

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