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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Biggest Loser -- Episode 1 (thoughts and spoilers)

Ok -- so I finished the premier of the Biggest Loser and I have a few thoughts. It took me a little longer to watch the show than I would like because I made sure I was up moving and exercising while it was on. Ironically I had a friend mention on Facebook about how it was counterproductive for her to watch the show while chowing down on grub -- I agree!

I thought the challenge was interesting. I couldn't hear all of the instructions over my exercise bike (I was doing this in the morning while the rest of the house was asleep), but I guess they had to go get letters in the pit of balls while the kids told them which letters to go to.

The white team (Jillian's team) won and it's a good thing because they had a few obstacles this week. First, Jillian had three of her five team members kicked out of the gym during the first workout. She was brutally harsh on them, but I honestly think it's what they needed. You can't be all nice when you are expecting them to give it their all.

Then following the challenge one of the contestants from the white team, Nikki, decided to quit the show. I can see how she thought it was really difficult and that she said she wasn't emotionally ready for it, but it really sucks that she took away the opportunity from someone else that was ready. At first I was frustrated with Jillian for letting her quit so easily, but I can understand after she explained it to Bob that she didn't want to waste her time with someone who already decided that it wasn't for her. I hope Nikki does go home and go to a therapist and gets the help she needs to put her in the right place to be able to focus on herself.

So now the white team is down to four members, but they do have a five pound advantage that they won at the challenge earlier in the show.

They are the first team to weigh in and they do respectable, followed by the red team and then the blue team. Unfortunately the white team came in with the lowest percentage of weight loss and instead of going to the elimination room they ranked the white team in order of their weight loss and the person with the lowest was automatically going home. I felt bad when I saw that it was TC after I kind of criticized him the other day, but I hope he learned what he needed to to be able to shed the weight for himself and his family.

It is going to be interesting with the kids going home now and to follow their journey in the everyday world. It's almost more realistic than just being at the ranch all the time.

I'm super excited to see the next episode -- hopefully I can fit in some exercise and cleaning tonight so I can have it on.

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