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Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Decision on Crossfit

Let me start by saying I absolutely loved my Crossfit experience! I felt empowered and had the confidence to do anything in the world after my one workout session.

The bottom line came down to the actual bottom line, though. I was really struggling with the idea of adding another fixed expense to our already huge pile of bills that we owe. I knew I couldn't afford to do month to month and I was scared that I wouldn't be able to handle a year commitment.

The real decision maker came when I checked the mail.

I recently went from being a part-time student with six credits (working on my Math endorsement) to only taking one class last semester and one class this up coming semester. That means that my student loans from my Master's Degree are no longer in deferment. And now we have an extra $50 a month bill that I can't do anything about put pay it off.

So that's my decision -- I really liked Crossfit, but due to financial obligations I am going to have to wait until we have our budget more under control.

Now for the meantime I am going to work out at home. I bought a jump rope, I have my exercise bike, I have the Wii and some various exercise DVDs. And of course I can always go outside for a walk, run or bike ride.

Thank you for all of the comments, suggestions and advice. I really appreciate it and they all played into helping me make my decision.

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