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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12 Days of Christmas -- DAY FOUR & FIVE

I have the card for this one, but I never set it out for DC because I forgot. He was actually home from work on Sunday night when I went to bed and I just didn't set it out. The next morning I sent him a text message saying that he was receiving four loads of dishes that he didn't have to do.

I actually don't mind doing the dishes and I've been doing them a lot more recently, but DC definitely does the lion's share of them (I think mostly because he is home during the day and I'm not).

I guess when I sat out last night's card I forget to take a picture of it (which doesn't surprise me with how today is going -- I also didn't set my alarm and woke up 20 minutes before I needed to leave!). Anyway, I set out five little candy bars for DC for a sweet treat for the 5th day of Christmas.

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