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Thursday, December 27, 2012

To Crossfit or not to Crossfit -- that is my question

I'm a very determined person -- when I want to be.

I've done numerous things in my life that have surprised even me that I was capable of doing them. Like I have mentioned on previous posts -- natural childbirth (twice!), completing a half marathon (I didn't say running, but just completing it) and surviving shingles and a near drowning as a child -- just to name a few.

I tried Crossfit yesterday.

It was good and I already feel like I've learned a ton of information. I have another meeting scheduled tomorrow morning, but something keeps nagging at me. Is Crossfit really the right thing for me to do at this point in my life?

I desperately, desperately, desperately want to shed all of this extra weight I'm carrying, but I feel selfish joining another costly adventure in my journey to lose weight.

I know. I'm worth it. I'll be happier when I don't weight as much and I'm able to run around with my kids. But the money thing weighs heavy on my mind and we barely make it as it is.

I already pay $45 a month for weight watchers and my doctor has me on a medication that costs $50 a month. If I do join Crossfit that is another $55 a month with a one year commitment (it's a lot higher if you just do month to month).

Am I just making up excuses? Am I being lazy and not wanting to wake up at 5:30 to go to the gym on my day off? Am I really just scared to death that I'm not cut out for Crossfit?

The answer to all of the above is probably yes, but I just don't know what to do.

 Honest advice anyone?


  1. If you cross-fit and get in shape, you will likely be able to lessen some of the medicine - thereby, saving yourself money in the long-term. The added benefit is you are getting healthy for yourself and your family - who probably want you around as long as possible. Do it - if you'll use it.

  2. I feel like there are less expensive options that will be just as beneficial to you. Netflix has a lot of great workout videos that I do at home, and you have already discovered the joy of running. Youtube also has a lot of videos that will give you a daily workout. I would invest in some small weights, and a yoga mat, and see what kind of things you can accomplish at home first. Crossfit is so spendy!

  3. I would have to agree with your friend Lindsey.I have a friend that is a CrossFit trainer in San Diego and she's a very strong believer in the fact if you can't stick it out don't sign up. You never want to do something that's going to take away from your family.if you are having these doubts so early in the game, I would hold off for a couple of months and see what you can do on your own and push yourself that way you make yourself accountable for your workout. if you can make yourself do it on your own there is no need to spend that outrageous monthly payment for stuff you can do at home.take the time and really weigh your pros and cons you can always sign up if you decide it is the right fit for you , I doubt you will be able to get out of a contract if you end up not liking it.send the end you just need to do what's right for Julie. Love ya

  4. Oops... I meant * in the end. Not, send the end ha ha. Speek to text gets me all the time.

  5. I agree with Karen and I honestly think in the long run it is only money and if you can spend time with friends and family for longer well.... you can't take money with you but you can have make it a great life. But also agree with the others too and if you think it is the right fit for you then do it.

    Great blog btw