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Friday, December 28, 2012

I Love Vinyl -- It's Very Non-Committal

We have lived in our house for about 4 years. I think part of what makes a house a home, though, is having images of our family up on the walls and other decorations.

The thing is, hanging up those frames and shelves means putting holes in the wall. I have to worry about if I want that frame in that exact spot for an extended period of time and if I've hung it up straight (for the record, the one set of frames I have hung up are NOT straight and I even tried to hot glue part of the frame to make it look straight!).

In comes my friend vinyl. I absolutely love vinyl and I think there is some of it up in every room of the house except EM's. I guess I have to work on that.

Vinyl is very non-committal because if I decide I don't like that phrase anymore or if I hung it up wrong it can just come down without any consequence.

There is a place in our mall (Vinyl 4 Decor) that has a weekly special where you just have to like it on Facebook and then you get a $2 deal. I have been buying them off and on for the last year and when I went to the mall yesterday it was no exception.

Inspired by the events that took place in Connecticut the phrase for the week was very sweet and perfect for a piece of tile.

So the vinyl was $2, I found a piece of tile at Home Depot for $1 and I already had the stand at home from when a scrapbook store closed a couple of years ago.

I love my new decor and it is sitting in a cubby on my entertainment center!

And for the record -- you can still get this exact phrase from Vinyl 4 Decor by either going into the mall if you are local or by ordering it from their website.

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