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Thursday, December 6, 2012


I think nothing gets a momma more upset and frustrated than something dealing with her children! I was messing around at work and finally decided to look at the proposed boundary changes for next school year for LD's elementary school. I figured nothing would change, but I was wrong.

Instead of going to the school he is currently at, the boundaries propose that he goes to another neighborhood school.

I'm not having that!

I understand about numbers and all, I do, but he absolutely loves his current school. He knows the school motto, wears his school shirt with pride every Friday and I want him to be part of the dual immersion program next year.

I'm sure the other school is fine (although I've seen some of the data and it's not all that positive), but I really want LD to finish at the school he started at. I love everything about the school is is currently at and we will do everything we have to do to keep him going there, including driving his butt to school every day.

Am I being crazy and getting upset or nothing? I'm in near tears and I want nothing but what is the best for him.


  1. Oh, the troubles of being a parent! I can totally understand your pain. If there's a way for you to stay where you're at, you should try it! Maybe some of his friends in the neighborhood will be going to the other school too though and he'll end up wanting to go where they go? Hope things all work out for you!

  2. Our area high schools are going through this right now. I *think* they open the new HS next fall. So I have certainly heard a lot of opinions on this - like generations of families all from one HS and now the DD will be at the new one, etc. My oldest is about to turn 4 so I have no words of wisdom, but hope that you can come to a decision that brings you peace.