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Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 Days of Christmas -- for my hubby -- DAY ONE

So DC doesn't read our family blog so I think I am safe posting this and not spoiling anything. 

DC is VERY hard to shop for. He doesn't want to much and usually when he does want something it is so obscure or expensive I'm likely not to get it. 

I did buy him one thing for Christmas, but I wanted to do a little something else to make him feel special. I had pinned a couple of 12 Days of Christmas things and decided to go through them last night. I really liked this one and the ease of it, but also how I was able to customize it for DC.

I printed the template out on cardstock and then matted it on some really cute Echo Park scrapbook paper I had from last holiday season. 

So here is day one. We had an argument the other day about how I had taken the kids to work with me taking money at the school basketball game to give DC some alone time. Somehow in my mind I kind of expected him to do some things around the house, but he really did take it as time to do what he wanted. I was upset because I feel like I spend all of my time doing other stuff and I never do stuff for myself (like scrapbook -- when was the last time I did a page?!) Anyway, I thought this was appropriate and something I could follow through on doing.

Hopefully I can keep up on this and post each of the days (in a timely fashion). I plan on leaving them out on the counter for DC so he has something to look forward to when he comes home from work. Some are material and some are donations of my time or "talents."

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