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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

 I looked totally goofy taking photos in the middle school bathroom today, but I don't really care! I feel cute and wanted to make sure I got a good picture.

I'm just wearing a black polo from Old Navy and a cropped cardigan from there as well with some new jeans from Deb and my Rocketdog shoes. You can't really see, but I have on some earrings from Dress Barn and my scarf is from Forever 21.

My jeans are definitely my favorite part of the outfit because they are new and a size smaller! I'm so excited! I bought them after Christmas with some money that my dad gave me. I love the butt pockets!

It's hard to tell, but they have rhinestones on them and are super fun!

And on a side note -- here is what I had for breakfast today. 

It was delicious and I don't really feel hungry. It's a big change for me because usually I have cereal and I'm trying to incorporate some different, healthier choices for me. I probably should have had some toast or something as well, but this was a small step for me in the right direction.

1 comment:

  1. You feel cute today because you look cute today!! I love that up-do on you!

    For breakfast - try a handful of almonds if you find you need a little crunch with your yogurt. :) I'm not sure what WW would think of this, but it's not carby like cereal is and it's good for you!