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Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Treats

I love to make goodies! It's not that I necessarily want to eat the goodies, but I love making them. It's also the feeling I get when I give treats to someone else. I feel all warm and happy inside! It makes me feel great to make someone else happy. Imagine that!

Anyway, I honestly can't remember where I saw these cute little cookies at. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Pinterest, but it was somewhere on the internet. The point is I can't take credit for it all by myself. I went to Target and bought some wafer cookies (they were only like $1.25 for the whole thing!), some cute Valentin's  sprinkles and then I picked up some pink chocolate at Wal-Mart. 

I dipped the cookies in the chocolate, put them on some parchment paper to solidify and added some sprinkles while I was waiting. 

Super cute and super easy! The cookies were gone before lunch time at school. 

I also had some leftover chocolate I didn't want to waste so I decided to make some chocolate covered pretzel rods for the administration at school. It's the same idea, just with a different base. I personally prefer the pretzels to the cookies, but I think most people would be happy with either one. 

I have one more box of cookies at home so I think I might make some neighborhood goodies for my kiddos to take around later this week.

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