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Saturday, February 2, 2013

I did it!

I finally understand that weight loss is all about small goals. Don't get me wrong -- I do have an ultimate goal in mind, but for now I keep focusing on the next five pounds.

I've been working for about the last month or so to get to 15 pounds lost since I started my Weight Watchers journey (this time around!). I thought I would reach it a couple of weeks about when I was so close, but then I went to the Inauguration and I didn't do awful, but I didn't reach the goal. 

Fast forward to yesterday. I wrote my goal on my hand so that I would have an anchor -- something to constantly remind me of what I was working toward. 

It was kind of silly, but I really think it helped. My students kept asking me all day why I had the number written on my hand and I just kept telling them it was to help me remember something. Even their asking was helping me to keep focused on what I wanted. 

The other day I had signed up for a 5K at the local high school. Heck! I figured this should be pretty easy after my last two run/walks (a half marathon and a 10-miler!). 

It went well and it was fun to see some students I had previously taught. It took me about 42 minutes to do the 5K. I would like to get my time down under 40 minutes before summer. 

After the run I went to Weight Watchers. I actually missed most of the meeting (but what better excuse could you have to miss a meeting), but I was there to weigh in and stay for the Power Spaces. I was super excited when I saw my weight record and saw that I had lost 3.2 pounds this week for a total of 17 pounds since September. I know it's taking me a while, but I'm determined and I know that it is going to stay off this time.  

My next little goal? I'm working toward 20 pounds which is my 10% goal. I hope that I can reach that in the next few weeks if I keep my  nose to the ground and work hard.

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