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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Update on LD

After we did the Color Me Rad on Saturday we headed over to what we thought was LD's last football game (hence the colorful outfit!). He did awesome and I am so stinkin' proud of him! He even scored a touchdown toward the end of the game! 

He absolutely LOVES his trophy! It's funny because the other night he asked me if he could get a wipe so he could clean his trophy. This is definitely something special that I hope he treasures forever.

I took EM to the dentist a while ago and she had a great checkup. I was a little concerned about some spaces that were showing up in LD's teeth so I decided to go ahead and have him seen as well. The dentist told me that the space was because he was about to get his first adult tooth. It's been about three weeks and that adult tooth has broken through the gums, but the baby tooth is still there as well. 

I tried calling the dentist on Friday, but they were closed. We worked on it all weekend and it's super wiggly now and ready to come out, but it's still in there at the moment.

Leave it to my children to have something funky like adult teeth coming in behind their baby teeth!

Oh! And I can't just take a picture of LD and leave it at that. Someone else had to have a photo of their mouth as well! I'll give Em a little credit though, I discovered the other day that she is actually getting her two year molars so maybe she was hoping I could snap a picture of those.


  1. I had that happen to me as a child with the tooth coming in before its time. You're an awesome mom though for staying on top of that and having it all checked out by the dentist. And congrats to your son for the touchdown!!!! That is awesome!

    1. Thanks Holly! It finally fell out and he was so excited. Now the adult tooth is coming in and it's looking great. So proud of LD for being a brave boy :)