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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Color Me RAD

I was so stinkin' excited for this 5K. I wish I was able to run more of it, but I decided to bring along LD with DC and I and he just couldn't keep up. It was a fun family event, though, and I'm glad that we could be and and active together.

These are my pre-race and post-race photos showing off how pretty and white I was and then how I added a splash of color. It was super windy and chilly so I had on my socks pulled up high, black leggings, some white shorts I had never worn before, but where in my drawer from Old Navy, a white shirt from Target underneath and then the short sleeve jacket is from Old Navy as well. 

They are not as white anymore, but they will probably be used again in a future color event!

I love this photo of DC and LD. LD was kind of a pain in the butt during the race, but I think he had fun and I'm glad that I decided to bring him.

At one point my friend took LD with her kiddo and DC and I had a minute along to grab a couple of photos. It was a beautiful view and it definitely looks warmer than it really was!


 And here is our family after shot. They really got us with the pink at the end of the race. And I think it's funny how the green on DC looks kind of like a bottle with liquid coming out of it.

Despite the cold and a somewhat annoying child I would say this is one of the funnest things we've done in a while! I can't wait for Color Me Rad to come back again next year.

I have a layout in mind for these photos so watch for one coming soon :)

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