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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

I can't believe it's already Wednesday again! Time sure is flying by. I snapped a couple of pictures this week that I wanted to share of my outfits. I have recently gone to Forever 21 a couple of times and I am so excited about feeling more confident in my clothes and own skin.
 The black boots are from a shoe store in the mall. I think it's called Forever Young shoes. I bought them back at Christmas.
The black pants are a size too big from Maurices.I'm hoping just to get through this winter and then next year I can buy some smaller clothes.
I am a tank top on underneath from Old Navy and then the floral top is from Forever 21. I absolutely love this shirt and the fact that it doesn't look like something I would normally wear.
One of the local clothing stores, Christensen's, was having a sale a Toms and I couldn't help myself. I desperately needed new black flats so I went classic and got this pair. I love them, but they definitely take some breaking in time to get to that comfortable spot.

I decided to start breaking in my new shoes on Monday. One of my favorite things about them is the fun pattern inside! I think they are elephants.
The black pants are a different pair from Maurices that are too big. These ones are also super long so I rolled up the bottoms and they looked pretty cute that way.
I have a black undershirt on from DownEast Basics and the top is from Forever 21. Again, this is nothing like I would normally wear, but it was fun. I kinda wish I was about an inch or two longer in the front though.


  1. Hi Julie!! It's Julie from :) It was great to meet you last night. Cute blog too:)

  2. Girl, you are looking GOOOOD. Way to go!