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Monday, April 1, 2013

Friend Making Monday -- Childhood Flashback

1. Did you have a set bedtime as a child?  If so, what was it? I'm sure I did, but I don't remember what it was. I do remember laying in my mom and dad's bedroom and telling them I was watching Murphy Brown when I was really watching Beverly Hills 90210! With my own kids I'm trying really hard to enforce a 9 p.m. bedtime (10:00 on Friday and Saturdays) and although LD does have a TV in his bedroom it does not have cable hooked up to it anymore.
2. Were you taught to be a member of the “Clean Plate Club?” Did it have affect your eating habits as an adult?  I don't think so. My parents were pretty catering to what we wanted to (or didn't want to) eat growing up. With my own kids I don't make them clean their plates, but I do encourage them to try some of everything. 
3. Share one thing that you were not allowed to do as a child. I'm not sure on this one. I guess I could say that I wasn't allowed to watch 90210, but I did anyway. Eventually we kind of watched it as a family. 
4. What is the cheapest gas price you can remember?  I specifically remember when I started driving gas  only cost $.90. Holy cow! I can't believe how much more we pay for gas today versus 15 years ago. It doesn't make any sense, but there is also nothing I can do about it. GRRRRR
5. What was your favorite thing on the playground?  I loved playing 4-square and teatherball. Anything where I could try to be the winner was awesome.
6. Share one thing that your parents always made you do that you didn’t like doing.  These are hard questions. Either I have an awful memory or I loved everything I did and my parents never forced me to do anything I wasn't interested in.
7. Do you remember your first kiss?  If so, share the details!  I don't remember specifics ... I remember I was much younger than I would want my kids to be. 
8. Did you prefer to play inside or outside?  I liked being inside, but I really liked being outside. On Sundays I would walk around the neighborhood reading.
9. What was your favorite TV show growing up?  I loved shows like Saved by the Bell, Boy Meets World and as I got older I loved Dawson's Creek and of course 90210 and Melrose Place.
10. Share one awesome childhood memory.  I remember just growing up and being super happy. My parents gave me every opportunity possible and we took fun family vacations. I would say overall I had a great childhood.
Bonus: Share a picture of yourself as a child.  This is a picture of me and my mom and a Girl Scout camp in northern Idaho. I really enjoyed doing these kind of things with my mom!

If you want to play along with Friend Making Monday then post the answers to the questions on your own blog and then link back to Kenlie's blog.


  1. Love reading these. I seriously would had a heart attack if I knew my kids where kissing as early and I was :(
    I always loved to read but growing up in the Caribbean I was an outside child.
    Stopping by from FMM.

  2. I LOVED girl scout camp. My mom was my troop leader for daisies, brownies, and juniors. The first year I had to go to camp without her I criiiiiied. I was such a baby. I think she worried she'd made me too dependent, but I really treasure the memories.

    I'm playing hooky from FMM, but I am doing a fun poll on my site if you wanna join in! ;)