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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WOW! Emergency surgery is no fun!

The title says it all! It has been an absolutely crazy week!

Last Tuesday DC sent me a text in the morning telling me how he didn't feel very well. I was kind of sympathetic but figured he would just get over whatever was bothering him. By the evening he wasn't doing very well at all and missed out on going to the Dave Ramsey class we are doing and he stayed home in bed.

I slept out in the living room so he could get a good night sleep and the plan was for him to go to the doctor the next morning while I stayed home and watched the kids.

Once he got up, though, he told me he couldn't drive himself and that I would have to take him. He had the chills, was burning up and dry heaving all night. No fun!

We got him to the doctor and after a brief examination the first doctor he saw said he thought DC had an appendicitis. GREAT! I took off and went by my work to take care of things for the rest of the day while he was examined by another doctor that agreed and sent DC to the ER.

We had the kids with us so that was kind of difficult and I eventually found a wonderful neighbor to watch them so that I could go back to the ER and be with DC. When I got there he was all hooked up in a bed and had already gone through a bag of saline.

The main thing they were doing at the ER was a CT Scan to see if DC actually did have an appendicitis. Before they could do the scan, though, he had to drink this berry flavored stuff called contrast. I don't know if it was because he was so dehydrated or what, but he said it didn't taste too bad.

 And then they came to wheel him off for the CT Scan.

I was kind of bored during the whole thing while I was waiting alone in the ER so of course I took a selfie :)

After the CT Scan the doctor came back in pretty quickly and said that DC did in fact have an appendicitis. He was moved to the surgical floor of the hospital and the waiting game began. He was one of a few people who were having an appendicitis that day so even though he was moved to a hospital room around 4ish in the afternoon, he didn't actually go into surgery for another four hours.

This was the view looking out of his window. 

And then here he is in his hospital bed just waiting.

 He did get a couple of winks of sleep prior to the surgery. I know he didn't feel well at all and was just super tired.

 The surgical team came in about 8 p.m. and said it was time for the surgery. He had laproscopic surgery to remove his appendix. He ended up with just three small incisions on his stomach.

While DC was back in surgery I ran to my school to do lesson plans for the next couple of days and then I came back to the surgery waiting room. By this time our kids were with a different friend who was watching them. I felt bad for how late it was getting, but I really appreciated her taking care of them so I could be with DC.

They finally brought DC back to his room about 10:30 p.m. and I stayed with him for a few minutes while they got him all adjusted and I knew that he was OK. He was pretty warm because they had a heavy blanket on him. He also had these things on his legs to make sure that there wasn't any blood clotting. 

I finally went to get the kids and before we were even home they were both passed out. When I first told LD about the surgery he was pretty freaked out and crying and just worried about if daddy would be OK or not. He was glad that I was able to show him a couple of photos to let him know that his dad was fine. I don't think EM had any clue as to what was going on. 

I got a text the next morning about 9 a.m. from DC saying that the doctor had been by and he was cleared to be discharged. I found another neighbor to watch the kids and I was able to go to the hospital to pick him up. I think he looks pretty darn good for just having had surgery! 

You are such a trooper DC. I'm glad that you are OK and are on the mend :)

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  1. Yikes! That is really scary! Glad he is well and up and around! The super hero shirt in the last photo is perfect! :)