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Monday, April 8, 2013

Friend Making Monday -- TV, Movies and Me

Here are my responses for Friend Making Monday. Enjoy :)

1. If you could be a recurring star on a show that is currently on TV, which show would you choose?  Gosh! That’s kind of a tough one because most of what I watch is either reality TV or just total guilty pleasure stuff. I guess maybe I would want to be on The Office and be BFFs with Pam. I’m really sad the show is ending after this season because it’s getting really good. It’s interesting to watch the relationship between Jim and Pam change and how it’s not just some fairytale life.

2. Name the movie that you are most embarrassed to admit that you love.  Most of the movies I watch aren’t necessarily award winners so it’s hard to pick just one. I’ll go with Crossroads, though. I haven’t seen it in forever, but it was a great Britney Spears movie!

3. Name one show that you’ve never seen and would love to watch. I guess I would be interested to see Downton Abby. I almost feel like it’s trendy to watch it, but it does sound kind of interesting.

4. Do you ever go to movies alone?  Yup! In fact, I just went to see Safe Haven by myself yesterday. I don’t really see the big deal in being alone. You’re watching a movie where you shouldn’t be holding a conversation anyway.

5. If you could only watch one TV show for the next year, which show would you choose and why?  Does it have to be something currently on TV? If not, I would definitely say Gilmore Girls. That is probably my favorite show of all time! I love how witty and quick everyone is.

 6. If you could star in one reality show, which one would it be and why?  I’ve always wanted to be on Big Brother. I just think it would be fun to spend a summer living in a house with other people – I would just hope I would be part of the alliance that was winning and just real good people.

7. If someone rented a billboard for you, what would it say?  The first thing that came to my mind was “You can do it!” in that really goofy voice. It’s true though, I can do anything I put my mind do and I will. I decided I was going to track my food this week and I can already see a difference on the scale. I CAN DO IT!

8. Who is the most famous person with whom you have been in the same room?  I would probably say Will Smith. He filmed Independence Day out in the Salt Flats and my family went out to Wendover for a little getaway. I remember we were checking into the casino and my dad turned around and was like “Will Smith!” and he put out he hand to shake my dad’s. He had his little boy on his shoulders at the time (that’s how long ago this was). We kept seeing him throughout our stay at the hotel and I kept singing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air song. My mom said she would pay me money to go up to him and sing it. Of course I was too nervous. I did end up going to ask him for his autograph. Super nice man!

9. If you were chosen to be a contestant on a TV game show, which show would you want to be on?  I’ve always wanted to be on Jeopardy, but I really don’t think I’m smart enough. I think I would want to be on something like Fear Factor where I could prove to myself that I could do things that I didn’t think I could do. It’s all about self-empowerment.

10. If there was a movie being made about you, which actor would you choose to play you? I would definitely say Lauren Graham. I absolutely LOVE her and I think she does an amazing job acting. Plus, we kinda have a similar look ... right? No, she's 100 times prettier (or at least I wish I had her body at her age!).

                                               Lauren Graham                                                                                                                                             Me and LD

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions!  


  1. Nice, I forgot about game shows like fear factor and such! I could only think of the classic ones on the spot when I was typing my answers. I think I'd want to go on MXC or Wipeout now!

  2. Omg I completely forgot about Crossroads. I remember going to see that in theatre! and Yes you totally do look like Laura Graham!!

  3. Dropping by from FMM to say hello!

    Wow, I forgot that Britney Spears was in a movie. I definitely saw that ages ago (since I watch all ridiculous teen movies).

    And I'm with you on Gilmore Girls and Lauren Graham. I've seen every episode of that show, used to love it!

  4. Crossroads was my answer to that question too!

    It's always interesting to hear about how celebrities treat people that approach them. Nice to know Will Smith isn't a jerk to fans!

    You really do resemble Lauren Graham!

    Stopping by from FMM!